Bitcoin association job board
Bitcoin association job board

Bitcoin Association Jobs Board Assists in Finding Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain remains high in demand for the entirety of 2020 and the following 2021. In fact, the sector keeps growing faster to occupy the first position of tech trend. And it directly keeps influencing the entire sector to make rapid developments.

Therefore, the demand for blockchain talent reaches a whole new level.

It concerns good salary, job security, engaging work, supportive workplace & even interesting contributions to the employing firm.

To help job-seeking individuals and enthusiasts, the already-established Bitcoin Association stands to bring the available job opportunities right at home. It’s possible to figure out relevant Bitcoin vacancies from leading companies all over the world.

The association website features an exclusive Jobs Board to deliver the available posts in one place. It allows employers to post job opportunity listings on blockchain and Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin Association Job Board covers a wide range of blockchain job opportunities”

Jimmy Nguyen, the founding president of Bitcoin Association, implied the job board to offer an essential service for employers & employees. Anyone to pursue careers in Bitcoin SV can find vacancies on the board. The intended facility helps all the employers to post available job openings as well.

A good number of development careers on the line are already listed on the board. And the available opportunities come from different employers to sort the benefits. Detailing positions, flexible works, workplace preference – essential points are open for negotiation.

The coverage also counts opportunities in Germany, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Philippines & multiple European countries.

However, a simple job offering isn’t exactly enough to support this growing industry. As it requires distinctive roles to help the individuals find the ultimate opportunity. Bitcoin Association manages to list explicit roles to include curriculum content specialist & technical content specialist.

The curriculum content specialist holds a remote role. It looks for candidates possessing the knowledge and skills to set training plans, featuring contents & assessments. Meanwhile, technical content specialists hold either remote or out-of-office roles. All in all, the primary task concerns onboard process development for firms new to Bitcoin SV.

Also, there are many other roles currently getting advertised on the board. But the vacancies notably concern senior roles in the development process. Fabriik, BANXA, TonicPow, Elas Digital, HandCash, nChain & Vaionex Corporation cover multiple career specialisms.

The Bitcoin Association Job Board should remain the first place to look for blockchain development vacancy. It must receive priority from individuals searching for or passionate about this trending job sector.

The dynamic sector continues to create new opportunities in a rapidly-growing centralized consent. And the job board can surely introduce the in-demand roles to set a new career.

Suez Halder

Suez Halder

Suez Halder is an experienced cryptocurrency & blockchain reporter and analyst who covers different aspects of online trading on 'Social Trading 101'. Taking direct part in crypto trading from 2017, he specializes in evaluating the cryptocurrency & blockchain viability.


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