Caruso Partners With Gemini for Introducing Blockchain to Real Estate Industry

Caruso Properties opts to revolutionize the real estate business by accepting digital currency. Its partnership with Gemini allows the clients to use bitcoin for payments. In fact, the payments cover both residential and retail properties.

Caruso is one of the largest real estate companies to operate in the USA. It already managed to set an admirable reputation in the industry.

And the company recently announced its investment in cryptocurrency through Gemini. Not to mention, Gemini itself is one notable cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The partnership makes Caruso become the first to adopt crypto assets in the real estate business.

Blockchain enthusiasts marked the dependable long-term business relationship as a breakthrough. The premium sector will accommodate the entrance of cryptocurrency, blockchain applications & non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

As it happens, all the mentioned assets will engage millions of visitors to Caruso Properties. And the company believes to raise its overall potential in mainstream commercial/financial services.

In the beginning, a significant amount of initial bitcoin investment will take place. And everything will continue as per Caruso’s treasury management strategy.

It’s also likely to fortify the belief in accepting cryptocurrency in the sector. Caruso aims at pioneering new applications, technology & experiences for its clients.

Founder & current CEO of Caruso, Rick Caruso, sounds pretty optimistic about the new partnership. We partnered with an innovative company to specialize in crypto management & blockchain tech – he said. He also believes Gemini to reinvent the methods of future business.

“Rick Caruso, founder & CEO of Caruso is highly optimistic about the partnership” (Credit – Forbes)

Rick also denotes cryptocurrency & bitcoin to hold an important role in the collective business in the future. He is hopeful about Gemini to introduce unparalleled experience with pioneering technology.

And additionally, he vouches for the improved experience to add value to Caruso’s current services. The company conceives additional opportunities to engage the clients and visitors – he uttered.

Moreover, the pioneering partnership can definitely justify the future of decentralized payment in the real estate business. It surely paves the way to widen the current potential of crypto assets in the market. Integration of blockchain technology should enable simple, efficient & secure transactions.

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