Completely New Crypto Token Elongate Pledges $1MM to Numerous Charities

Elongate, a new cryptocurrency, promises more than $1MM in monetary donations to various charities. It implied individual donations in the charity parties, a series of weekly live streams.

Elongate seems like one fast-rising cryptocurrency token to enter the market 3 weeks ago. The name originated from Elon Musk’s Tweeter joke in March 2021. And it took almost no time for the term to become a virtual reality.

A passionate blockchain developer created the community-driven digital token. The idea integrates general crypto trading systems with imposed charitable initiatives. Founding community members initiates an organized way to maintain, scale & administer its operation.

However, there’s no existing relationship between the brand-new crypto to Elon Musk. Even the official Elongate homepage declines any partnership or affiliation.

Several well-recognized charitable organizations received the donation. The list primarily includes – Action Against Hunger, Children International & Ocean Cleanup.

Children International received the first donation of $75,000 on April 4. But the Elongate community announced an increase in donation to $325,000 on April 18. Meanwhile, Ocean Cleanup with Action Against Hunger received a total of $250,000.

The community also reserved another pledge for Big Green to join the stream on Earth Day Celebration.

“Elongate emblem in New York to promote its community support” (Credit – Yahoo)

Its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Gene Rhode Fuensalida Pantig, talked about Elongate’s exciting initiatives. The platform is likely to introduce the digital initiative scale to the real world. Crypto supporters from all walks of life stand for a change.

Charity remains a crucial part of its system – the CMO uttered. And the token wants to prove its worth by further expansion in the future. It currently holds a process to roll out the NFT launchpad.

Elongate also exclusively aims at governing an established system of internet-based charitable giving. It focuses on the existing internet culture with a capital of memes. And the Binance Smart Chain supported token seems to perform well in the field.

Currently, there are more than 250,000 holders in the community with a total of 140,000+ followers. Its intended platforms and channels keep drawing the public attention with time.

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