Elongate Enters the Market to Become a Reality of Elon Musk’s Joke

Every single tweet from the tech billionaire, Elon Musk, seems to possess definitive meaning. The words many times led to capital gain or fall, holding a prophetic influence. Even his jokes can set the bell to ring for new technical platforms/ideas. He also keeps tweeting about major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin & his personal favorite, Dogecoin.

And a completely new digital currency, Elongate, happens to enter the market. There’s no current association with the entrant except its origin. Even its homepage clearly cites to have no affiliation with Elon Musk.

However, the crypto asset only draws its market name from a Musk joke.

Musk joked on the infamous Watergate scandal on March 25 of 2021. He simply requested people to refer to any Musk’s scandal as ‘Elongate’.

As it happens, Elongate hits the market just after three weeks of his joke. It already managed to possess a community of 10,000+ holders. The incident depicts the absolute craziness of the crypto world to feature bumps, uncertainty & interest.

Elongate says to transfer the face of conventional charitable giving. It particularly focuses on internet culture & the capital of memes for the change. Additional words revealed its intention to determine the governing crypto power.

Not to mention, the brand-new crypto pledged to deliver 80% of its income to charity.

Elongate strives to become a pioneer in the crypto world – the official website utters. It denotes the philanthropic initiative – cryptocurrency combo to impose a significant paradigm shift.

The platform already claimed to raise over $1MM in funds for charity. But there’s no verified or authentic source available to judge the claim.

Elongate’s whitepaper says it has plans for setting funds on multiple worldwide programs. It includes – World Food Programme, Big Green Corporation & Action against Hunger. So its intended scheme sounds pretty motivated, ambitious & cheerful for now.

Still, no sign of words from Elon Musk or Tesla/SpaceX on the brand-new crypto. Therefore, it remains unclear to have anything on Elongate from Musk. Anything from him can surely thrive the market price in no time.

Suez Halder

Suez Halder

Suez Halder is an experienced cryptocurrency & blockchain reporter and analyst who covers different aspects of online trading on 'Social Trading 101'. Taking direct part in crypto trading from 2017, he specializes in evaluating the cryptocurrency & blockchain viability.


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