PwC Predicts $962BN Contribution to Global GDP by Blockchain in the Next Decade

An elaborate PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) study on blockchain just revealed the possibility of a US$962BN contribution to global GDP. The actual capability of blockchain to track provenance will be a part of this contribution by the next decade. Here’s how.

One particular benefit of using blockchain lies in its capability of tracing the origins. Again, its technical system enables the creation of digital records. Elimination of third-party assistance makes it a reliable, secure & growing facility.

As most are aware, Electric Vehicles (EV) are on the way to enter the market in growing numbers. However, proper disposal of its used non-functional battery with ethical sourcing remains a challenge. So major automotive manufacturers decided to utilize blockchain technology in response.

In fact, Volvo & BMW are already set to use blockchain to track the raw material from its source. Meanwhile, Mercedes is engaged in a pilot project to create a CO2-neutral fleet using blockchain. As a result, companies looking for blockchain technology are getting more and more interested in its practical usability. They are looking into the overall potential to derive the absolute benefits from blockchain.

The adoption of digital trading has to come with provenance. Tracing the materials, products & event services to track the factors directly concerning provenance. In simple words, the term remains a measurement of definite financial capability.

Provenance also enables a business to initiate its financial data arrangement, accessibility & verification. And the ledger to hold everything refers to the blockchain, allowing the clients to check the validity.

Another PwC study enlisted the top five blockchain applications in terms of economic proficiency. Further study to prove provenance may generate an astounding contribution to the global GDP. The application of blockchain resulted in doubled potential to hold an enormous $962BN valuation. The following picture should idealize the skyrocketing number of applications that prefer to use blockchain.

Of course, the amount comes pretty differently from other estimations or surveys. Different surveys prioritize distinctive factors to make a viable prediction. And that’s why the distinction occurs with the approximate contribution.

A publication on Markets and Markets estimated the global blockchain market to size $3.0BN in 2020. Focused Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% predicted $39.7BN mark by 2025. But the Internet of Things (IoT) anticipates a whooping $15TN contribution by 2030, starting from 2018.

“IoT prediction on blockchain contribution to global GDP”

Focus on provenance explicitly confines the overall market frame to a time. Companies already started transforming services into digital technologies. Securing the supply chain gets priority with the digitized operational support.

Blockchain seems to get ready to dominate the business sectors in the upcoming decade. And the nation to participate in the trading can experience a solid contribution to its GDP.

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